New River Health Black Lung Clinic

Did you know that the cases of newly diagnosed black lung disease has almost tripled in the last few years?

Our Black Lung Clinic was established in 1982 out of the 1977 amendment to the Call to set up an Appointment 304 469 3261Federal Mine Safety and Health Act.

Our clinic provides treatment and rehabilitation for Black Lung patients and others with occupationally related pulmonary diseases. In addition, we provide benefit counseling services, preventive and health promotion services, education for patients and their families, and testing to determine eligibility for Department of Labor or state workers’ compensation benefits. As we have for many years, we continue to put the worker first and advocate for you based on your individual situation.

We want to help you stay healthy and educated about the risks of black lung disease. We will also help you establish medical evidence for present or future black lung or hearing loss claims.

Our team will do what we can do to help, while maintaining your confidentiality. As Cathy tells all our patients as they leave, Be Safe.